“Our chief responsibility to the newcomer is an adequate presentation of the program.” Bill W., 1942 (co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous).

ChairsBotOfHomeWe partner with you and ‘take’ you through the twelve steps in the AA Intensive Weekend.AA book

Doing this together turns on the lights and brings clarity and freedom into your life.

You will uncover, discover, and discard everything you’re not.

If you do this work you will discover this: we can do together, what I cannot do alone.



“I cannot tell you how much hearing the first part of the Big Book has changed me.  Nor can I believe it took me this long to really get the message. Thank you so much, both of you, for coming into my life.” Merry Christmas, Viki J.

  • We use only the Big Book (the basic text of Alcoholics Anonymous). We start together, we stay together, and we complete all twelve steps, together. This is a safe place to do the work together.
  • We do this work together to be recovered from alcoholism. Recovered means we no longer suffer from the symptoms of the disease, i.e., restless, irritable and discontent.
  • The crux of the problem in AA today is that being sober has replaced being recovered.
  • There have been mini-miracles for many women and men who have participated in this workshop (click here to see some testimonials).IMG_0275
  • The AA Big Book Intensive Weekend has two huge benefits: 1. Taking a safe, giant step in being recovered; and a refreshing renewal for recovered alcoholics. 2. This is a new powerful tool in your tool kit to use in working with others by having the option and the honor to be a co-facilitator doing the AA Big Book Intensive Weekend after you have participated in one or two of these recovery weekends.
  • We do our best to replicate what the AA founders did, with the same sense of urgency.
  • There is no charge for the workshop. There is a nominal fee to cover the costs of food, and bottomless coffee, tea and soft drinks.

Please join us, and scholarships are available.